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How Can I Join You?

This is one of our favourite questions!

Player Requirements


We are a Christian band, so we would ask that you are of Christian faith, or are willing to explore what following Jesus means.


Our Joining age is between 13 and 21, but if you're a little either way,  we can still find a space for you!


Do you play a traditional brass band instument?  Brass or percussion are all welcome, preferably at grade 5 standard.


If you're into music and you're looking for a fun, friendly bunch to join, NMYBB might be for you! We're always on the lookout for new members because that's how we keep the band going into the future.

We're not just a band; we're like a big, musical family. Seriously, a lot of our members stick around even after they've technically outgrown the "youth" label – we don't have an age limit! So, you're in for the long haul if you want.

When you become part of NMYBB, you're not just joining a group of fellow Christians and musicians; you're making friends for life. Some folks in the band have even found their happily ever afters and tied the knot – how sweet is that?

We'd love to welcome you down for a whole weekend because that's when the real fun happens. But if you're just curious and want to dip your toes in, you're more than welcome to join us for a concert or the Sunday morning service. We want you to feel comfortable and get to know us at your own pace. So, whether you're all in or just checking us out, you're welcome here!

Email us at to register your interest!

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