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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, along with some FAQ's, we'll drop some more info about life in the band.

Where are you from?

We are a community of players from accross the country, ranging from the north east of England, to the Channel Islands.

Do you all play for bands outside of here?

Yes, while we are away from the band, alot of members play for their local bands, of all different standards. We've had people who play for community bands all the way up to players who have won the European Championships and other major banding titles.

Do you really sleep on church floors?

Yes, we really do. Infact, we pay a small weekend fee for the privilege, but over the years we have sampled the entire world of air mattresses and camping beds.

Do you all go to the same church?

No, we're a group of players from all across the country, mostly all from a Methodist Church but that isn't a necessity to join us, we just ask that you have a Christian background and are open to exploring the Christian faith with us.

How can we get you to visit our church?

That's easy, pop us an email at or hit us up on our social media.

Are you sponsored by the Methodist Church?

No, while we are called the National Methodist Youth Brass Band, we dont actually have a partnership with the Methodist Church.

When do you have to leave?

Well, there is no official leaving age like most youth bands, but this is no ordinary youth band, but band members often retire from the band when they feel they have given all they can to the band.

Our Motto

"Whats a motto? I dunno, whats the motto with you kid?"  - The Lion King

Our motto is FFF.

In musical terms this means very loud, but for us it also means Fun, Faith and Fellowship;

These three things really sum up the band, but, we like to add a few more F's with friends you'll make, family you'll become part of, and of course, food! 



The Chaplaincy Team provide spiritual support , helping band sections in

the planning of epilogues and co-ordinate the involvement of the band in Sunday morning

worship. There really is nothing as special as leading worship with NMYBB!

When the band get together for weekends or tours the chaplains choose a theme to base

our epilogues on.

Epilogues are short acts of worship which explore the theme by looking at

a bible reading and seeing how it applies to us and the theme.

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